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Resurrected Bites Home Delivery Service

Welcome to the Resurrected Bites ordering app, .

To make an order, first register by clicking the yellow button above. Once you have registered and your account has been verified by our team, you will be able to navigate to 'Order' and place an order.

During the pandemic, we have closed our pay as you feel cafes and instead we are providing free food packages to people who cannot manage to access food themselves. As we are oversubscribed we ask that you contact us first to discuss your situation and to see if we have space in our delivery rota to help you. We deliver Tuesday to Friday and will deliver approximately the same time on the same day to your household if you place an order. Our focus is on people who cannot get food for themselves either because of a lack of funds, being unable to get to the Foodbank or don’t have a friend or family member who can help them with their shopping if they are shielding and unable to afford a home delivery. Please see our website for places that can help you.

If you have not used our service before, please contact with your phone number or call 07305 523979 Monday-Friday 9-1.

From Mon 31 Aug, you will need to register for a user account. This account will need to be approved before you can place an order so please allow plenty of time before your order deadline. You need to have submitted the order by 13:00 on the day before your scheduled delivery day, otherwise you will not receive a delivery.

Once you have created a user account your personal and dietary information will be stored so that you only need to select what items you would like in your delivery in subsequent orders. Please make sure you write down your username and password and day of your delivery in your phone in case you forget them.

If you normally order over the phone, you can still call our answering service on 01423 593937. Leave a message and someone will call you back. Please allow plenty of time before your order deadline.

We are only providing this service for a few more months until we are able to reopen the cafes so we are an emergency stop gap and not a long term solution and we encourage you to seek help from other agencies to help you long term. Please note we buy the majority of the toiletries and household items so please only order them if you really need them and do not order them for other people who are not registered with us.